How does it work?

Metrofun Customer Service is available 24/7 at bike stations around the city.

To begin, download the Metrofun app to your phone. The app is available on Apple and Google Play app stores.

  1. To begin, download the Metrofun app to your phone. The app is available on Apple and Google Play app stores.
  2. After installing the app, complete the registration process, filling in your contact information, email address and payment method. Accept the terms and conditions, and when renting an e-bike, be sure to provide a photo ID.
  3. To begin your rental, select a bike at the rental station and scan the QR code located on the bicycle’s handlebars; if you haven’t signed up for a subscription yet, select your rental plan, unlock the bike, and off you go!
  1. When you are ready, return the bike to one of Metrofun’s stations. Be sure that the bike is correctly placed in the station and that you have received a “returned bike” confirmation to your phone’s app.

Metrofun Bike Rental Subscription Options and Fees
There are three bike rental options:
One-time rental – available only via the app
Three-month subscription – available on the app or on the Metrofun website
Annual subscription – available on the app or on the Metrofun website
For more information on the subscription options, click here.

Fees (and how to calculate the rental cost)
The cost of renting a Metrofun bike is a combination of 1) the unlocking fee (for one-time rentals) or the subscription fee (quarterly or annual) and 2) the rental time fee (which depends on how long you have the bike). The fees depend on the type of bike you choose (regular or e-bike) and how long you keep it
Click here for further information about accessing the service and fees.

Registration Rules and Bike Use Conditions
Renting a regular bicycle
Anyone 16 years and over is permitted to use a regular bicycle if they

  • know how to ride a bicycle
  • have experience and the ability to ride a bicycle
  • are physically able to ride a regular bicycle safely
  • do not have a medical condition or other limitation that would prevent the use of a bicycle.

Renting an e-bike (electric bicycle)
Anyone 16 years and over is permitted to use an e-bike, subject to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, if they

  • have sufficient experience and are sufficiently physically fit in accordance with the law
  • are familiar with the relevant traffic laws and regulations
  • hold a driver’s license or have passed the theory test of the Israel Licensing Authority and/or hold a license from the Israel Licensing Authority after completing the theory course for electric bikes.

The bikes
Metrofun bikes are modern, safe bicycles provided in one standard size, suitable for men and women.
The regular pedal bicycles have three gears, an adjustable seat and are equipped with smart LED bike lights, reflectors, mud guards and a rear rack.
The e-bikes have an integrated electric motor, bicycle frame, locking system, handlebars, brakes, bike chain, front and rear axle, wheels and tires, bell, lights, seat, electric locking and operating system and global positioning system (GPS) etc.

Metrofun app is available to download.
The app allows you to easily purchase a membership, and to unlock or return and lock a bike simply and effortlessly.
You can see on the bike station map which bikes are available at each station and easily plan a route.

How do the map icons show where bike docking stations are available?

Pedal bikes


Bikes docking pole

Borrowing a Metrofun Helmet
For your convenience, there is a helmet which you may borrow attached to the Metrofun bikes.
Release the helmet by clicking on the helmet icon on the app’s homepage.

The app will provide a release code which unlocks the helmet stored in the bike’s attached front basket.

When you return the bike, click on the helmet icon again in order to correctly replace the helmet. The return process is not complete until the bike has been correctly locked, the code reset, and the helmet locked back in place and photographed according to the app’s instructions.

If you have further questions, please check the FAQ section or contact us.
We wish you a comfortable, enjoyable, non-polluting ride around Tel aviv, free from traffic and the search for a parking space!

Metrofun – this is how you move in the city!

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