To start your rental, open the Metrofun app and scan the QR code on the bike's handlebars

Open the lock lever to release the bike from the docking post

Off you go! Have a safe and enjoyable ride

Return the bike to the bike station and lock it securely with the wheel lock and locking bar

Remember to wear a bike safety helmet and ride carefully!

Please note, the rental charge begins from the moment you start the rental on the app, even if you haven't released the bike from the docking station.

If you want to temporarily park the bike, ensure that you do not inconvenience pedestrians or obstruct traffic.

Please ensure that you correctly lock the bike, including locking the wheel and inserting the locking bar attached to the bike chain. If you are unable to close the wheel lock, turn the wheel a little to allow the bar to move freely and allow the lock to close fully.

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