Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of subscriptions and how much do they cost?

You can purchase a 3-month or annual subscription, or just have a one-time rental.
To see the different options, click here.

How can I purchase a subscription?

You can purchase a subscription via the app and/or on the website.

Who is entitled to a discounted subscription?

“Diditel”  Card holders who are Tel aviv Jaffa residents may apply for a discount on annual subscriptions.

How do I secure the "Digitel" Card discount?

By simply entering your ID number, your eligibility will be confirmed.

When purchasing a 3-month or annual subscription, will I be able to ride immediately?

Absolutely! Your subscription is valid immediately on completing the registration and receiving an email confirmation. You can unlock a bike and simply ride away.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

No, but before your subscription expires, we will send you a reminder to renew via the app.

Can I freeze my membership or transfer my 3-month or annual subscription to another person?

Sorry, but no.
You can’t freeze or transfer your subscription.

Does Metrofun have its own app?

Yes, the Metrofun app is available to download.
The app allows you to easily purchase a membership, and to unlock or return and lock a bike simply and effortlessly.
You can see on the bike station map which bikes are available at each station and easily plan a route.

For iOS users – download the app by clicking here

For Android users – download the app by clicking here

Why do I need to scan a photo ID when registering for the first time?

Scanning your photo ID is a condition for registering and renting an e-bike.
We must verify that you are over 16 years old and permitted to ride an e-bike in accordance with the electric bike laws and regulations.

How many bikes can I rent and unlock via the app?

With one cell phone, and with just one payment, you can rent up to 5 one-time rentals.

Which credit cards can I use to pay for my Metrofun subscription?

You can use Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club credit cards to pay for Metrofun subscription and rental fees.
Debit cards are not valid for this purpose.

How can I update my personal and credit card information?

Personal and credit card information can be updated on the Metrofun app or website by logging in.


How can I track payments and bike trips I've made?

To view your bike trips, simply click on the ”Ride History” tab on the Metrofun app or website.
To review payments charged to your account, click on the “My Wallet” tab on the Metrofun app or website and select ”Payment History”.

Is there a deposit for the bike rental?

No. When you rent a bike, a credit check is made with the credit card company and a five-agorot  temporary deposit is made.
This charge is not deducted at that time and is credited back to your account when you complete your ride.

Who is permitted to use the e-bike service?

Anyone 16 years and over is permitted to use an electric bicycle if they fulfill one of the conditions below:
A.hold a driver’s license (excluding a driver’s license Grade 1 for tractors only)
B.hold a valid driver’s license issued by the Israel Licensing Authority, which includes successfully passing a theory exam
C.have received authorization by the Israel Licensing Authority that they have participated in an electric bike training course, have sufficient experience, are sufficiently physically fit in accordance with the law and are familiar with the relevant traffic laws and regulations.

How do I unlock and return a bike to a station?

An explanatory video about how to unlock and return the bikes is available on the Metrofun app and website.
To view the video, click here.

What should I do if the unlocked bike is faulty or is damaged during use?

If you are close to a bike station, you should return the bike to an available dock and inform the customer service center by phone *6070.
If there is no bike station close by, call the customer service center for assistance.

How can I report a faulty or abandoned bike?

There are a number of ways to report faulty or abandoned bikes:

via the customer service center by telephone *6070
via the Metrofun app or website
on Metrofun Facebook page

Someone stole the bike! What should I do?

You should immediately contact the customer service center by telephone at *6070 or on the Metrofun app or website.

Where can I find information about the bike's technical specifications?

Metrofun bikes are modern, safe bicycles provided in one standard size, suitable for men and women.

The regular pedal bicycles have three gears, an adjustable seat and are equipped with smart LED bike lights, reflectors, mud guards and a rear rack.

The electric e-bikes have an integrated electric motor, bicycle frame, locking system, handlebars, brakes, bike chain, front and rear axle, wheels and tires, bell, lights, seat, electric locking and operating system and global positioning system (GPS) etc.

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding a bike?

For your safety, we recommend that you wear a bike helmet when riding a bike.

When riding an electric bike, you are legally required to wear an approved bike helmet which is in compliance and in accordance with the relevant laws, standards, and regulations.

Does Metrofun provide insurance for me when riding a bike?

The bicycle user takes full responsibility for all of the dangers involved when riding a regular bicycle or electric bicycle.

The bicycle user declares that they are aware and understand that riding a regular bicycle or electric bicycle is an activity which involves high risk of physical injury to the person, damage to property, partial or total disability and/or death.

The bicycle user declares that they are aware and understand that there are unexpected dangers involved when riding a JeruFun regular bicycle or electric bicycle, and the bicycle user assumes all responsibility for these dangers and risks, including all dangers caused by negligence of third parties.

If the company, Municipality or the Authority is required to pay compensation, damages or other costs in connection with the aforementioned causes to include legal or lawyers’ fees, the regular bicycle user or electric bicycle user undertakes to fully reimburse them for any costs incurred whatsoever, and these costs will be considered a debt to the municipality, company or authority owed by the regular bicycle or electric bicycle user.

Can another person or child ride with me on the bike?

It is absolutely forbidden to ride with another person or child on the bike.
The bike is only to be ridden by one person.

Please take care when riding.

Where are the Metrofun stations located?

You can see a map with all of the bike rental stations on the Metrofun app or website. The map shows all of the stations and the number of bikes available at each station so you can plan your cycling route in advance easily and efficiently.

Click here to view the bike stations map.

What should I do if there aren't any bikes available at the station?

The Metrofun map on the app and website allows you to see in real time how many bikes are available.
If a bike is not available at the bike station where you are, you can find one available at a nearby bike station.

What should I do if the bike station where I want to return my bike is full?

The bike station map shows the locations of all the nearby stations and the number of bikes docked there.
In addition, after receiving authorization via the app, you can self-lock the bike adjacent to the station.

Can I suggest another location for a Metrofun station?

The local authority regulates the position of the bike stations, and suggestions for additional locations should be addressed to them.

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