Dos and don'ts


> The bike you are renting is well maintained and complies with all safety standards. However, before you use it, be sure to check that the bike is in good condition.

> When you use a regular pedal bike, we recommend that you wear a bike helmet that is in good condition and is a good fit for your head. Be sure to buckle it securely under your chin.
When riding an electric bicycle, you are required by law to wear a bike helmet.

> Treat the bike you have rented as though it were your own so that others can enjoy it when you are finished with it.

> The rental ends only when the bike is properly locked at the docking station. When you return a bike, be sure that you have received a “returned bike” confirmation to your phone’s app.

> If the Metrofun bike is faulty, report the faulty bike as soon as possible via the Metrofun app or website, or call the customer service center at *6070.

> For your safety when riding at night, wear bright, reflective clothing and use reflectors so that others can see you better.

> As a cyclist, you are obligated to obey all roads signs and laws, including traffic lights and stop signs.

> If you have any questions, the Metrofun Service Center is available at *6070. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question or problem.


> Do not leave a bicycle unattended. The bicycle is your full responsibility until you return it to a Metrofun station.

> Do not carry a child or any other passenger with you on a Metrofun bike. The bike rack on the front of the bicycle is only intended for carrying a bag.

> Be sure to ride safely and responsibly.
Do not ride with “no hands”; you are only in full control of the bike when both your hands are on the handlebars and you are looking in front of you.

> The sidewalk is for pedestrian use. Do not cycle on the sidewalk unless there is a bike lane marked on it.

> When cycling, do not carry items that may interfere with your stability or balance, or get caught in the wheels.

> For all intents and purposes, a bicycle is a vehicle like any other. It is illegal to ride a bike under the influence of alcohol!

> Metrofun’s bicycle is a road bicycle. Do not ride on unpaved dirt tracks.

Have an enjoyable, safe ride in the city!



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