Riding Safety

Everything you need to know about how to ride safely in the city safe cycling in the city.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa promotes awareness of the ease and efficiency of cycling. Wherever you ride, you will see other cyclists around you. Today, the city has close to 140 kilometers of bike lanes, some of which are on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road; in some places there is interaction between pedestrians and other vehicles. If you are cycling on the sidewalk, try to stay on the right side of the bike lane. Make pedestrians aware of your presence, and let other cyclists pass you on the left.   

When riding in bike lanes, which in part also function as pedestrian paths or the central lane of boulevards and other similar places, care should be taken to ride on the right-hand side of the bike lane, ensuring that pedestrians are aware of your presence, and allowing other bike riders to pass you on the left.

The Metrofun bikes are designed for everyone’s riding pleasure, so please care for the bike as if it were your own.
When mounting or dismounting, please ensure that that the bike doesn’t fall over and get damaged so that other cyclists can enjoy the bike after you have finished your trip. The bike is your responsibility until you return and dock it at the bike station.

If you want to stop off at a coffee shop or run an errand, relax in a city park or pop into an office, you can temporarily lock your bike via the app.
Be sure you park the bike so that it does not inconvenience pedestrians or obstruct traffic.

Ride carefully!

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